4 Main Routes Of Pushpak buses

Telangana Government had introduced Pushpak AC Bus services from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport to Centre of the Hyderabad city with several pushpak bus routes and vice versa for the convince and reliability to the Airport Passengers.

Minding the different areas passengers to reach the Shamsabad airport, TSRTC is running Pushpak Ac buses from 4 major different routes as listed below (RGIA Arrival Routes).

Pushpak Buses From Secundrabad to Hyderabad International airport.

  • ROUTE: A1-SEC_BAD – RGIA (VIA: L.B. NAGAR, Pahadi Shareef),

Similarly, there are also 4 Different routes of Shuttle services are running from the Hyderabad international airport to Secunderabad, which are listed below (Rgia Departure Routes).

Pushpak Buses From Hyderabad airport to Secundrabad

  • ROUTE: A1 -RGIA – SEC_BAD (VIA: L.B. NAGAR, Pahadi Shareef)

All these routes are well connected to the airport and these Pushpak buses will reach the Hyderabad International Airport within 40 minutes to 1 Hour. You can carry luggage comfortably with these shuttle services.

What is the time frequency of Pushpak bus routes

Hyderabad airport passengers can find Pushpak buses from every 45 minutes to one hour depending upon the route they choose.

But in some routes, the frequency of the buses is too heavy like you can find ac buses to the airport from every 15 minutes only in the Gachibowli route.

Types of Pushpak buses :

Apart from the above Telangana government had bought 80 latest Technology Ac buses in which 40 Buses run on diesel and the other 40 runs on electric.

These bus services are helpful to both metro passengers and to the airport passengers and bus charge is levied on basing distance between the stops.

You can also contact the Airport liner In charge of the Pushpak bus timings. And below are the phone numbers of respective Pushpak bus point.

Pushpak bus routes helpline numbers.

  • Rgia7382925981,
  • Keyes high school7352925971,
  • Tarnaka7382925976,
  • Uppal7382925973,
  • Lb nagar7382925974,
  • Secretariat7382925980,
  • AC guards7382925982,
  • Rethi Bowli (Mp)7382925900,
  • Sr nagar7382925898,
  • Paryatak Bhavan7382925899,
  • Jntu (kp)7382925895,
  • Shilparamam7382928597,
  • Gachbowli-7382925897,
  • Communication Cell RBS-7382925977.

The above information is the mobile numbers of the route incharges. so, you can call them and ask for any other information related to airport bus routes and Pushpak Bus timings.

There is a proposal to extend the metro rail to Hyderabad Airport, which may complete in 2022 according to GVK group news.

What is the last and First bus to Rgia

Pushpak Buses run from morning 4 am to midnight at 12 Pm so plan your travel according to the bus timings. Some passenger finds it difficult and lengthy to travel to the Shamsabad airport area like ecil, medchal kind of areas.

so hope the Telangana government will provide the buses to every route of the city to the Hyderabad International Airport.

We had also provided different Pushpak bus routes to different stops, all you need to do is  search our website thoroughly and you can find all the routes to Hyderabad international airport

, for example, if want to go to rgia from gachibowli route, just go to the search box and gachibowli you will find all the route info related to gachibowli stop to rgia,

we had provided timings, route number, which type of bus is available at that specific time and we also provided the helpline number in case if you need any other related information

Note: all the above information is collected through different sources and sometimes they may not be accurate to weather conditions or may be any bandhs occurring in that specific routes.  so, whatever information you are taking through the site is as per your risk and we are not responsible for any misleading information.


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